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Mindfulness and Meditation Retreats

The Gawler’s mindfulness retreats and meditation retreats are all designed to be restful and regenerative, but are intense enough to be meaningful and effective for those seeking deeper experiences of meditation, good health and wellbeing.

Each mindfulness retreat and meditation retreat presented by Ruth and Ian Gawler focuses upon a particular theme relevant to the ongoing development of meditation.

These mindfulness retreats and meditation retreats that are led personally by Ian and Ruth Gawler, will also have immediate personal relevance for all health professionals and teachers as a basis for a mindfulness and meditation teacher training program. They provide a good starting point for using mindfulness and meditation based techniques in teaching and clinical settings and may well satisfy requirements for meditation teacher certification as well as on-going professional education credits.

Australian Retreats


Reconnecting to Ourselves

Yarra Valley Living Centre ___ Victoria

This is an opportunity to take time out and deeply re-connect with yourself through a nourishing and rejuvenating week of meditation and self-compassion practice. Enjoy gentle movement, delicious vegetarian food made with love, and time and space to relax in a beautiful natural environment.

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I thought meditation… and all that stuff… was something I just didn’t do… but now I find it has been such a help to me, in my mind and in my body.

Jeff Davis

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I have attended ten retreats at the Yarra Valley Living Centre and each time I come away calmer, wiser, and soul-enriched to face life’s daily challenges. And a break from cooking is always a treat! At each program I meet amazing people who all have their own stories to tell. On many occasions, it’s hard to say goodbye.

Linda Rocke

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This from a Life & Living Cancer Retreat participant.

Vana Minelle

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Guest Speaking & Seminars




Request Ian to speak at your conference, workshop, seminar or event

Ian and Ruth Gawler have played a major part in popularising meditation, Mind-Body Medicine and other self-help techniques in the Western World. Ian does most of the public speaking, while Ian and Ruth combine to present their retreats and trainings. A compelling and meaningful speaker, Ian Gawler has presented at many major conferences around the world.

If you are interested to have Dr. Ian Gawler present at an event, or if you are interested in supporting or volunteering help with organising a mindfulness retreat, a meditation retreat, or a public event in your area, please contact us by email or call +61 (0)417 869 938 (9-5pm AEST Mon-Friday)

The Gawler Cancer Foundation

The Yarra Valley Living Centre

Home of the Gawler Cancer Foundation 

Ian and Ruth Gawler present mindfulness retreats, meditation retreats, mindfulness and meditation teacher training programs and specific residential cancer healing programs at The Gawler Cancer Foundation’s, Yarra Valley Living Centre.

The Gawler Cancer Foundation and Yarra Valley Living Centre is a not for profit, non-denominational organisation, that promotes a whole-person (holistic) and integrative approach to health, healing and wellbeing.

The Foundation’s  mission is to improve the recovery outcomes and quality of life for people affected by cancer or multiple sclerosis and to educate people in the prevention of illness.  For over 30 years the Foundation have been achieving this through the delivery of educational retreat programs, at the Yarra Valley Living Centre.


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