Research Articles by Ian

What follows are several cancer research articles written by Ian Gawler


  • Cancer research – Remarkable recoveries from cancer: what are the odds, what is the evidence?    PDF 68Kb
  • Cancer research – Chemotherapy: how much does it contribute to 5 year survival?   PDF 70Kb
  • How to assess a proposed treatment: a logical and practical approach    PDF 52Kb
  • Cancer research – Cancer, lifestyle and chemotherapy: A documented examination of the benefits and side effects of lifestyle factors and chemotherapy.    PDF 172Kb
  • Medical definitions: Documented definitions of key terms, along with the official Levels of Medical Evidence    PDF 108Kb
  • Are multivitamins safe: a caution. Co-written with Prof George Jelinek    PDF 64Kb

Senate Enquiry – positive recommendations

In 2005 Ian Gawler and the Gawler Foundation made a thorough submission to the enquiry by the Australian Senate into cancer services in Australia. The enquiry produced a bipartisan, unanimous list of recommendations. Two of these specifically recommended active support for Gawler Foundation programs, including consideration being given to providing financial support through Medicare, the public health benefit scheme, to attend programs. Click here for the summary of those findings.

  • Senate Enquiry – positive recommendations    PDF 43Kb

Book translations

  • Non-English language translation’s of Ian’s books    PDF 57Kb


Ian Gawler talks about his cancer research articles
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