Evidence - Documentaries Interviews and Testimonials

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Watch this video interview with Ian Gawler on ABC TV Compass: A Good Life documenting his history, work and beliefs (1)

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“Mind the Healer, Mind the Slayer” is a documentary made in the 1980s by the ABC in Australia, and is about Ian Gawler’s personal diagnosis, recovery and ongoing work with meditation and nutrition. Rare footage of Dr Ainslie Meares is featured in this great historical account and gives his methodology for using meditation in recovery from cancer. Not to be missed by anyone facing a life-threatening illness who is open minded enough to realise there are more valid choices than those offered by the medical professionals alone. Inspiring and intriguing. 

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A Spiritgrow immersion experience MODERATED BY DR. NORA SHEINKESTEL


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In this Happiness Hints video interview meditation teacher Ian Gawler talks about how he handled loosing his leg to cancer, gives a Happiness Hint and tells a funny story about his Happiness Hero. It’s an inspiring story for anyone facing sudden disability. February 2017 (2)

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Video interview with Dr Ian Gawler – Dr Francis McNab, St Michael’s. A Christian perspective -the Minister of the St Michael’s Uniting Church in Melbourne- Dr Francis McNab is a great admirer of Ian Gawler’s work and here he talks to Ian about what it is he is so inspired with in Ian’s work, particularly the practical approach described in the new edition of You Can Conquer Cancer (6)

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Jeff Davis’ Story Recorded by The Connection crew and used with permission. (7)

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Mardi Fletcher’s Story Mardi Fletcher shares compelling insights gathered from a cancer diagnosis that changed her life so much for the better. Recorded by The Connection crew and used with permission. (8)

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Dale Fletcher’s Story  Dale Fletcher talks of the inherent frustrations of being a carer, what he gained from attending the Gawler program, including the hope he found that he offers to everyone. Recorded by The Connection crew and used with permission. (10)

For more inspiration and testimonials, go to the excellent section on the Gawler Foundation website

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Dr Ian Gawler in this video interview by Robyn Walker  Ian talks in some detail about his own recovery and the things that he did which he believes made a difference. And what makes for a Holistic approach to healing. (11)

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Dr Ian Gawler presents to the Conference Happiness and it’s Causes  In this video interview, Ian speaks about what it means to have a conscious life and death in Living Well and Dying Well and why this is achievable and desirable. (12)

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A Jewish perspective – introduced by Rabbi Laibl Wolf Ian talks about the importance of food for healing in Eating Well, Being Well at Spiritgrow – Josef Kryss Centre in Melbourne. (13)