Allevi8 - Mindfulness and Meditation App by the Gawlers

Regular meditation and mindfulness supports good health, helps with healing and maintaining a good state of mind.

Drs Ian and Ruth Gawler’s meditation App, Allevi8, has been developed for those that understand that health and peace of mind are changed by our state of mind. And the best way to change our state of mind is using regular mindfulness and meditation.

This App is specifically aimed to assist in maintain a regular mindfulness and meditation practice.

New Allevi8 App from your App Store download for FREE and join the weekly meditations lead online by Dr Ian Gawler.
This new App is available for download in the  App Store and Android Store. You can find it here.


1. Choose from amongst meditation programs offered by different meditation teachers on Meditation Gateway. Dr Ruth Gawler is one of those teachers.
2. Access standard practices provided.
3. Join virtual meditation groups setup by Dr Ian Gawler

4. Create your own customised practices using any of the standard practices in any sequence along with silent times before, in-between or after the guided section.

5. Track the regularity of your practice and your virtual meditation group’s practice.

6. Receive daily emails with inspiring thoughts to keep you on track for maintaining your mindfulness and meditation.


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