Mindfulness and Meditation App
by Dr Ian Gawler

Regular meditation and mindfulness supports good health, helps with healing and maintaining a good state of mind.

Dr Ian Gawler’s meditation App has been developed for those that understand that health and peace of mind are changed by our state of mind. And the best way to change our state of mind is using regular mindfulness and meditation.

This App is specifically designed to assist you to practise mindfulness and to meditate regularly.



• Access a range of useful guided exercises (same content as the earlier Mindbody Mastery program).

• Customise your practice sessions – you can combine exercises, add bells to start and finish and include silent times as you choose – a very popular feature. Means you can personally adjust how much silence you want and set the content and length of what you listen to.

• Join virtual meditation groups. Once you join a group, the app lets you know when the next session is about to start. Then at the allotted time, you just open the app and the tracks I have chosen are broadcast for all to hear, and we meditate together.

• Be supported with daily emails that are fully integrated with the program.

• There is a mindfulness reminder bell function that you can set for whenever you choose.

Many enjoy this function too – at the times you set the bell will sound on your phone reminding you to pause, check your mindfulness and your state of relaxation too if you choose, recalibrate if necessary, and then go on with your day more mindfully.


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